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With the rollout of 5G, there’s a pressing need for companies to attract and utilize the skilled labor required to implement the new technology. According to Ed Fox, vice president of Network Services and head of the customer innovation lab at network and telecom services provider MetTel, firms need to make sure that their fiber solutions and power distribution networks are in place to accommodate 100 to 400 Gbps devices made feasible by the new telecoms standard. If they don’t, then they’re at risk of falling behind. 5G Workforce


Forum Audiofanatyk.pl

Forum audiofanatyk.pl to forum audio stworzone i prowadzone przez pasjonatów tematyki audiofilskiej. Prowadzone pod skrzydłami bloga, pozwala dzielić się opiniami i wrażeniami z odsłuchów, a także rozmawiać na tematy sprzętowe związane ze słuchawkami, kolumnami, wzmacniaczami i dowolnym innym sprzętem audio. 

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